Awesome Features

LogiSmart is a best-in-class AI-based enterprise solution which quickly understands the varying demand of supply chain and logistics, which comes up with valuable insights and predictions in real-time. It is empowered with disruptive technologies like cloud computing, machine learning/AI and advanced analytics in order to make it simple, flexible, intelligent and more robust with anywhere, anytime accessibility.

  • RealTime & Quick Analysis

    Insights are gathered and reported in fraction of seconds using Artificial Intelligence. Ability to learn the different procurement procedures and implement the rules accordingly.

  • Easy to Customize

    As the solution is built with a modular approach, various modules can be customized based on the requirements of various markets.

  • Creative Design

    With stunning Charts, very deep levels insights can be gathered to make the right decision.

  • Easy to Use

    LogiSmart is built keeping in mind the various kinds of users with different hierarchy.

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  • Scalability

    LogiSmart's Modular construction will make it easy to integrate in multi-domain Enterprise solutions or logistics solutions and designed to handle BigData.

  • Indegeneous

    100% locally developed technology and zero dependencies on any technology from outside the country. Prime focus on Training and Development of the team.

  • Easy to Integrate

    Can be integrated into any existing infrastructure without a lot of efforts.

  • 24/7 Support

    Solution is integrated with ChatBot which provides reliable support all the time.

Intelligent Features

First of It's kind

RADBoost algorithm is RadomeTech’s custom built demand forecasting algorithm suitable to integrate into any existing solutions. The primary advantage of this algorithm is to understand the pattern of mixed types of items used in various industries like Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Logistics and Retail market and predict the demand accurately. This will consolidate from all types of raw material to the final product and understand the pattern of usage and predicts the demand. This algorithm can be used to estimate your production demand and helps you maintain the most accurate inventory and also predict the aftersales spares to be maintained at the same time. RADBoost helps make accurate business decisions to improve customer satisfaction.


With our unique modular design where the AI modules are built above standard Enterprise solution which has Enterprise basic modules like Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchase, and Invoicing gives freedom to customers to integrate on to the existing Enterprise solutions. AI modules Include Demand Forecasting which is powered by the RADBoost machine learning algorithm. other AI modules include Route Optimization, Inventory Cost Control, Recommendation, etc..

How it Works

LogiSmart is powered by our own custom built algorithm RADBoost® for demand forecasting module. similarly other AI modules like inventory cost control, route optimization, recommendation will be added soon.

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